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The SEO industry often suffers from a one size fits all approach where 'SEO experts' simply perform the same set of tasks over and over for each and every client, leading to less than spectacular results. When building an SEO strategy, a one size fits all approach does not exist! Professional SEO companies have a team that is curious, creative and analytical. Professional SEO companies are not afraid to run experiments and test new methodologies. Professional SEO companies will show you actual searches you can perform to see their client's website ranking but more importantly they can explain why that client is ranking. At Hexnet, we generate real organic search results for our clients because we are a professional SEO company.

We've been obsessed with SEO for over 15 years and as we saw SEO mature (as the search engines matured) we know that what worked in 2001 to generate a Page 1 ranking will take much more work in today's digital landscape.

Today, the basic on-page optimization of your website's page titles, meta tags and internal link structure is just your ticket to enter the SEO game. Without a solid on-page optimization your website will not have a chance at ranking well. There are many other signals that the search engines use now to evaluate your website and determine where your pages rank in relation to a specific query.

Your website's content, backlinks (inbound links), social signals and your overall SEO strategy will all play a vital role in contributing to your SEO success.

Contact Us today and we can share more about the SEO results we have generated for our clients, and discuss a recommended plan of action for your website's SEO.

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