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David Franco

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The chemical distribution landscape is undergoing a seismic shift. The recent news of Brenntag, the world's largest chemical distributor, partnering with AI startup Knowde to create a digital marketplace has sent shockwaves through the industry. While this venture promises a more efficient future, for small and mid-sized (SMB) chemical distributors, it might be a really bad thing.

Here's why:

  • Digital Marketplaces Favor Giants:  These platforms, fueled by AI like Knowde's, prioritize efficiency and scale. This inherently benefits large players like Brenntag, who can leverage their buying power and vast resources to dominate the marketplace.
  • Margin Squeeze:  Increased competition from digital players will likely lead to a race to the bottom on pricing. SMBs, with their smaller margins, may struggle to compete effectively.
  • Loss of Control:  Digital marketplaces take control of customer relationships and transactions away from distributors. SMBs will lose the ability to build those vital one-on-one connections that are crucial for long-term customer loyalty.

How HEXNET Can Help SMBs Thrive in the Digital Age

At HEXNET, we understand the unique challenges faced by SMB chemical distributors. From websites and SEO to marketing campaigns, content development, trade shows and events, our expertise will help you thrive in this digital age.

  • Marketing Strategy: We help you create and implement impactful campaigns that foster customer relationships and generate business.
  • Tactical Execution:  Serving as an extension of your existing team (or operating as your marketing department), we provide and manage the tools and expertise to amplify your brand and help differentiate you from the competition
  • Digital Transformation:  The chemical industry at large is undergoing a transformational change, integrating a new generation of professionals that utilize digital tools to communicate, learn, and connect. We offer solutions to help you embrace the digital revolution without sacrificing your competitive edge.

Don't let the digital giants dictate your future. Partner with HEXNET and take control of your chemical distribution business. Contact us today to learn more!

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