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In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, HEXNET Digital Marketing has once again proven its expertise by successfully revamping the online identity of FutureFuel Chemical Company. This project not only refreshed FutureFuel's branding and marketing strategy but also introduced a dynamic new website enriched with a series of powerful storytelling videos.

The Challenge:

FutureFuel, a publicly traded specialty chemical manufacturer (NYSE:FF), was initially known as a biofuel company. Despite its transformation, the company’s digital presence hadn’t conveyed FutureFuel’s expanded capabilities and innovative spirit. The challenge was to reshape FutureFuel’s story to highlight its world-class facilities, exceptional team, and broadened focus.

Domenick Cilea of HEXNET at FutureFuel in Batesville, AR

HEXNET's Approach:

Understanding the impact of authentic storytelling, HEXNET’s approach was led by principals David Franco and Domenick Cilea, who personally traveled to Batesville, AR. Over two intensive days of workshops, tours, meetings, interviews, and video shoots, HEXNET captured the essence of FutureFuel’s operations, team, and corporate culture. This first-hand insight was crucial for crafting a narrative that truly represented FutureFuel’s identity and vision.

The new FutureFuel Chemical Company Homepage designed by HEXNET

Building the Website:

The new website, hosted at, is a testament to HEXNET’s proprietary ChemSource technology. In addition to a new look and feel, the site is a powerhouse of functionality:

  1. SEO Optimization:
    Tailored SEO strategies ensure high visibility of FutureFuel’s innovative chemistries and solutions.
  2. Content Management System (CMS):
    The CMS is designed for ease of use across departments, allowing for seamless updates and management of content. For instance, the HR team can independently manage job postings for FutureFuel and its subsidiary, Legacy Transport, linking directly to DocuSign for application onboarding.
  3. Event Coordination:
    Sales and marketing teams can now share upcoming events with "meet us there" links, integrating directly with Calendly to streamline attendee management.
  4. Executive Reporting:
    ChemSource automated reporting manages SEO performance and rankings in real-time, as well as a summary for key KPIs such as inquiries, prospects, and visitors. These reports can be shared via email weekly or monthly with various departments, as well as the C-Suite.

Impact on FutureFuel:

The new website and marketing strategy was instrumental in repositioning FutureFuel in the market, emphasizing its role as a leader in specialty chemical manufacturing rather than merely a biofuel producer. The site not only tells FutureFuel’s story but also engages with potential clients and recruits by providing a comprehensive portal to explore the company’s capabilities and innovations.

The 3 primary videos HEXNET created for FutureFuel:

The two additional videos we created:  Custom Manufacturing  .  Performance Chemicals


HEXNET's work with FutureFuel is a clear demonstration of how targeted digital marketing strategies and innovative web design can transform a company’s digital footprint. By focusing on video storytelling and a user-friendly CMS, HEXNET has equipped FutureFuel with the tools to continue growing its brand and reaching new markets effectively.

This project is a beacon for other companies in the chemical industry, showcasing the importance of aligning storytelling, branding, digital marketing with business strategy.

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