David Franco
David Franco

Director of Strategy


There’s a troubling trend in the chemical industry: companies that are still grappling with the basics of digitalization and SEO are often the ones offering "expert" SEO tips. It’s crucial to be cautious of where you get your advice.

How to Vet an SEO Provider Effectively

Vetting an SEO provider is so simple. Just ask them this one question:
"Can you provide keywords that, when searched on Google, will show your clients ranking in the top three positions?" If they hesitate or can’t provide concrete examples immediately, consider that a major red flag. Effective SEO is transparent and results-oriented.

The Undeniable Value of SEO

When done correctly, SEO is a powerhouse. It functions organically, enhances your digital presence even while you sleep, and generates leads without ongoing costs. Surprisingly, despite its proven benefits, many chemical brands haven't prioritized SEO. This oversight is not just surprising; it's nearly unthinkable given the significant ROI SEO offers.

Investing in SEO: Time and Money Considerations

Let's talk about the common barriers: time and money.

  1. Cost:
    Every chemical brand we've worked with has gained new business within the first year of investing in SEO, exceeding the initial financial outlay by a considerable margin. The returns aren't just promising; they're substantial.
  2. Time:
    At HEXNET, we streamline SEO for chemical brands. Our software requires minimal time investment—just one hour from you to kick off an effective SEO campaign. What do we need from you? Simply fill out an Excel file with your product names and CAS numbers, if possible.

Our Commitment to Educating the Industry

Our mission is to optimize the chemical industry’s online presence effectively. We're open about our processes—from selecting the right keywords to mapping them to the appropriate web pages. We even share the templates we use for setting up and managing SEO campaigns.

Stay Informed and Ahead

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