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About Hexnet

We are a Digital Agency located at the Jersey Shore.

We build awesome websites & applications.

We help small businesses generate sales & leads.

We provide the digital strategy organizations need to attract new customers.

How about Some Fun Facts about our agency?

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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

-- Scott Adams, cartoonist and satirist, best known for his Dilbert series --

some clients we've had the privilege of working with recently...

Request It Live Rock Star Baby Parchem Fine & Specialty Chemicals Casabella Parchem Fine & Specialty Chemicals Casabella Justine Musk McLaren Philadelphia

View more clients and examples of our work in our portfolio section below.

You need to be able to trust your marketing agency. We partner with our clients and will become an extension of your organization, with a level of service that is second to none.

-- David Franco, founder and lead strategist --

What We Do

We offer an À la carte menu of services that can best be grouped into 4 primary areas of service:

Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy

Lead Generation

You are beating your competition in search engine rankings, but you just aren’t seeing the sales results you hoped for. This is because your site isn’t properly set up for lead generation. Your visitors need to be guided through the sales funnel, and Hexnet has the resources, tools, and knowledge to turn your visitors into customers.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is more than just getting your website to the top spot of search engines because the first page ranking are often made up various different search results. Your videos, images, maps, and authorships are all ways to get your business ranked. Hexnet can do more than seamlessly integrate keywords into your site with our SEO package, we can help you dominate all of page one. Contact us for a FREE SEO evaluation of your website.

Paid Search

One of the quickest and easiest ways you can show up on search engines is through paid search. This option is perfect for budding businesses, competitive markets, and to hit your exact niche. Your ad can show up in top results and you only pay if it is clicked. When combined with Hexnet’s SEO service, you can even save money on your ads!
Contact us to learn more about paid search engine marketing.

Content Creation

Are you proud of your product or service, but just can’t find the right words to describe it? Writing is hard and creating images and videos is even harder. The content creators at Hexnet will learn your product and develop unique blog posts, landing pages, videos, photos, and images. Need an example? Check out our entire site, or view our portfolio for more.

Display Advertising

Ever wonder how the ads on your favorite website or the biggest websites in your industry have the perfect ads for you? Or maybe you keep seeing a local businesses’ ads pop up on websites you never thought their marketing budget could afford. This is called Display Advertising, and Hexnet can design your ads and place them exactly where your target market spends its time online.

In-House Training

It takes dedication and hard work to learn digital marketing best practices, but we are ready to commit if you are. How can you handle a lead better? What should you do with blog posts after they are written? Why should you understand your analytics? Hexnet will teach you how to make your business better online. How? Click here to find out.

Creative Services


Brand Identity

Does the logo define the brand or vice versa? It is almost like the chicken or the egg paradox. Many brands have even deeper troubles than logo choice when it comes to defining what their brand is and what it stands for. Hexnet will help you choose your goals and core values that will give meaning to your businesses’ name and logo.

Website Design

Your website is where your brand lives! So think about this, when you walk into a store that smells, doesn’t having working lights, or if you can’t find what you are looking for, are you going to shop there again? Just like brick and mortar stores, it is imperative that your site is attractive to your market. Hexnet will custom design a website that looks great, and while we are at we'll make sure your new design will help you get a head start on SEO and lead generation if applicable.

Print Materials

Although we focus on digital marketing, we love creating traditional print materials. All of your marketing efforts must work together with the same goal in mind: to acquire more customers. Business cards, brochures and catalogs, tradeshow graphics... Hexnet’s graphic designers can develop materials that speak for your brand. Don’t just print out 1,000 fliers at your local copy shop, contact us to see how we can help your brand from pixels to paper.

Websites & Applications


Custom Websites

A custom website is often the best way to portray your brand online. We begin custom projects by getting to know your organization and what you do day-in and day-out. We then build a custom website that reflects who you are and what you do in a clean, unique, visual manner.


An ecommerce site is much different than a standard site, which is why Hexnet has a specific process for building sites that sell tangible products. Whether your needs require keeping track of inventory, running special promotions, or just showcasing your products... we have a solution for you. And all of our ecommerce solutions will have a marketing strategy included. Without a plan for driving customers to your ecommerce website, there really is no reason to build one. A marketing strategy is everything when it comes to ecommerce. Contact Us to learn more about how we can help your ecommerce.

Custom Blogs

Blogging is a great way to build your brand’s identity. It also provides a great way to engage your site visitors in conversation, enter visitors into your sales funnel, and more. Hexnet can build you a custom blog, show you how to use it effectively, and even teach you how to produce engaging content.

Mobile Apps


Web Apps

When a website need custom content management and interaction from its visitors, Hexnet will turn the website into a dynamic web application. A web application to the layman is a computer program that allows website visitors to interact with the application. Visitors can submit and retrieve data to and from a database without needing any technical skills, it's as simple as point and click. Facebook.com is an example of the world's most popular web application.

Mobile Apps

We would love to build your next IOS, Android and/or Windows application. If you have an idea for the next great app Contact Us.

Marketing Apps

For our clients that demand to be on top of their online marketing at all times, we provide custom marketing apps that allow the entire marketing team to stay on top of inbound traffic, referrals, KPIs and conversions.

Want to learn how we can help you?

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • We were with kitchens.com for years and didn't receive a single lead from our website. Since switching to Hexnet we've been able to close over $1.5 million in contracts that originated from Hexnet lead generation. Highly recommend!

    Stephen Egan, Design Line Kitchens, Sea Girt, NJ
  • The team at Hexnet is top notch. They did a fabulous job with my ISBRE brand in 2003 and they've done it again with our NHS website and identity.

    Bjorn Seljevold, Norsk Helikopterservice, Sola, Norway
  • David, Wow! We love the latest and final design.
    Your work is unbelievable good as it brings out Sangkee's food and atmosphere.

    Win Somboonsong, Win Signature Restaurants, Main Line / Philadelphia, PA
  • Thanks, Win

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